Bike rental

Agence de Tourisme de Nolay

Need a bike? We have what you need!

You can rent a classic bike or an electric bike at the Nolay Tourist Agency.

We have 16 classic bikes, including two children’s bikes, and 4 electric bikes equipped with puncture-proof tires and reinforced inner tube.

Here are our hybrid bike rates:

10 per half day,

15 per day,

30 per weekend,

50 per week.


Here are our rates for electrically assisted bicycles (EABS) from Scott and Breezer equipped with puncture-proof tires:

25 the half-day,

35 per day.

If you want to be sure to have a bike the day you want it, please make a reservation by phone (03 80 21 80 73) or by e-mail (

Use of bicycles:

In accordance with the safety requirements for use of bicycles, the total permissible weight must not exceed 130 kg (cyclist + baggage and bicycle). The weight of the bikes is 27 kg, so the user cannot exceed 100 kg. The owner reserves the right to refuse the rental if these safety rules for the user are not fulfilled.