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Agence de Tourisme de Nolay

Nolay, a town known for its excellent local products

Taste Burgundy-Franche Comté! 37 Michelin-starred restaurants and iconic dishes:
Œufs en meurette, Bœuf bourguignon, Coq au vin, Escargots à la Crème d’Ail, Côte de Bœuf grillée, Tournedos de Charolais aux deux Epoisses, Cuisses de grenouille façon chablisienneand many others.

The Hautes-Côtes are a paradise of small red fruits. Two varieties of blackcurrant are cultivated, the Noir de Bourgogne and the Royal de Naples. Raspberries are known under the poetic name of Rose de Côte d’Or. The redcurrant completes this bucolic little picture. Used in pastry, ice cream, coulis, jams and jellies, these small red fruits are also transformed into liqueurs.

In Nolay, you will find local fruits and vegetables, pastries, cold meats, cheeses, cracking and cracking breads, meat, everything you need to make a picnic basket or a chef’s meal.


Agence de Tourisme de Nolay Agence de Tourisme de Nolay Agence de Tourisme de Nolay Agence de Tourisme de Nolay Agence de Tourisme de Nolay Agence de Tourisme de Nolay

When to eat?

The traders of Nolay have excellent specialities for you to discover.

Butcher – Delicatessen – Caterer

Yannick Magny
44 Rue de la République – Nolay
Tel : 03 80 21 71 98
Jambon persillé (marbled ham, silver medallist), rosette, judru (large purely local sausage), excellent meat
Jean-Noël Aprikian – Le Burgonde – Caterer
8 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville – Nolay
Tel : 03 80 21 71 25
Organisation of receptions, weddings, birthdays, meal trays, homemade. Delicatessen, cheeses, cold cuts, fresh fish on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Boulangerie Dervin
48 Rue de la République – Nolay
Tel : 03 80 21 71 96
Excellent speciality breads, raspberry tart, red fruit panna cotta, millefeuille…
Maison Cochard
19 Rue de la République – Nolay
Tel : 03 80 21 71 43
The Succès Nolaytois, a praline butter cream in a macaroon and chocolate, the raspberry macaroon, …
Route d’Autun – Nolay
Tel : 03 80 21 84 45
Fruit and vegetables, cold meats, goat’s cheeses, local mutton. La Vie Gourmande jams made in Nolay.

Loal products : from producer to consumer

GAEC Ferme de La Chenevière – Breeding of pigs, cattle. Cereals
Jean-Pierre MIGNOT – La Chassagne – Aubigny-la-Ronce
Tel : 03 80 21 88 29
Meat, cold cuts, poultry and farm products

La Ferme de la Chaume des Buis – Pig breeding

Karine LOUBET – Cirey – Nolay. Tel : 03 80 20 94 71
Pig meat (whole, half or retail), cold cuts and farm products, vegetables, seeds. Pigs, a rustic breed, enjoy an outdoor existence for 10 to 12 months. Fed exclusively on cereals, peas and minerals without addition of chemical product, and no element of growth factor.
La Ferme aux champignons – Les Menault – Nolay
Christian and Claudine Moine – Tel : 06 80 22 99 78
Oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, morels …
Le Verger des familles – 1, Rue du Bas du cloux (near the supermarket Bi’1)- Nolay
Stéphane Morel – Tél : 06 28 32 73 34
Apples, pears, cider vinegar, apple juice and cider.